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Post by Marc & MaryAnn
Campo di Bella LLC
2012-03-10 17:21:30

Spring has arrived...

For the last few years, I have been feeling that spring didn't actually arrive until we tilled the soil and started planting the vegetables in the ground sometime in April or May after the last frost. Once we got sheep, it wasn't until the first lamb arrived that Spring was really here. Today, as I look at the calendar, it is only the 1st full week of March, we have daylight savings time this weekend and the weather turned a balmy 60 degrees earlier this week. Our first chocolate baby doll lamb was born last month and we anxiously anticipate many more births on our farm this spring.

My husband, Marc has created a germination rack and was a bit perturbed when he didn't have time to complete a 72 cell seed planting. So we begin by getting our hands dirty with starter trays of fragile hot temperature vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants etc. As he works on some outdoor projects, I am busy getting our marketing completed and deciding what area to focus my marketing in this year. I want to expand some local business to the farm for pick-up and build upon a new pick-up site on the Capitol Square.

Farmers, like my husband and myself have been dreaming about vegetables since the seed catalogs came in the mail this winter. What to plant, what will grow, how much and what variety? When do our customers think about ordering fresh vegetables? Are they too dreaming about it on a cold winter night or do they need to see the snow melted and the earth fresh smelling from a spring rain and kelly green with newness everywhere? As we watch the seedlings grow under fluorescent lights or hoop houses, we anticipate the warmer weather of summer to mature all our little seedling plants and planted seed. As the weeks progress and we harvest the ripe vegetables, we think back fondly of those first few weeks of Spring, when we only dreamed about the taste of an heirloom tomato or the crispness of the first cucumber bite and savor the moment we actually can taste them for real and thank God for the opportunity to grow delicious local sustainable food for our families and other like minded people.

I give thanks for Spring as it teaches me to appreciate the earth's rebirth, anticipate the wonders harvested in summer and fall and realize how lucky I am to work with Mother Nature in producing food for many with my two hands.

Enjoy the Spring!!

Mary Ann Bellazzini
Campo di Bella Farm, LLC