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Post by John and Dena
Forest Run Farm LLC
2013-07-31 07:55:52

What's in the Greenhouse NOW?

So I was walking by the greenhouse with a friend, and he asked, “What is
still growing in there?” So we went in and checked out the celery, green
onions and some of the lettuce, broccoli and Asian greens. He
was amazed that we still had things to go in the ground at the end of
July. I shared that we start plants until late August for fall and
overwintering. It always seems to amaze people that CSA farms seem to
always be planting and transplanting. But, how else would we be able to
supply veggies over the 20-week season. Unlike the home gardener, we
don't just plant “the garden” in the spring. This year on our farm, we
are at the 10th delivery of 20 and we have had head and/or leaf lettuce every week, and are planning on it for 10 more. The weather may strain
the plans, but we'll go with it.
It also seems that CSA farms tend to be always planning and trying to improve. Some of that planning for next year gets serious now with the garlic harvest over. We decide now how much garlic we need to set aside to plant in October for the following year, and then we can take the remaining crop and divide it out amongst our members. This garlic plan is somewhat how we start our numbers for everything for the next year. In most cases we’ll have to purchase seed to start the crops. The number of seeds are based on the number of members we plan for plus any additional marketing that will be done.
We will soon start looking at seed quantities available and crop failures announced in the catalogs and online. In late September we’ll decide if we need to order early this fall if seed stock is in short supply, or if we can put it off till Jan 1. With the diverse crops and numerous varieties of many of them, we don't like to struggle to find seeds in March when they should already be planted in the greenhouse.
For many home gardeners, now is the easy time of harvesting tomatoes, beans and zucchini. For many CSA farmers, the next couple of weeks is the big push to get the last of the seeds and transplants in.

Ten more weeks to go, seems like is should slow down sometime,
maybe week 18?