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Post by Marc & MaryAnn
Campo di Bella LLC
2013-10-12 10:44:25

We're nearing the end...

So this week is the last week of our 20 week CSA veggie season and somehow the task list is still a mile long. As we end our CSA season, we begin to prepare for the following year and CSA season. We harvest everything from the fields, we plant the garlic and jerusalem artichokes for next summer, we prep, freeze and/or can all the remaining veggies in the fields, send the cows in to graze for a few weeks, nurture many young leafy greens for Thanksgiving and prep the fields for winter. In the meantime, we're evaluating how this season went, the good, the bad and the ugly. We're strategizing on what to improve on, what to change altogether and what not to do again. We're starting to make plans for how many more customers we want, how many different vegetables and their varieties we want to plant and when and how are we going to get this transported to our customers. Every year brings new challenges and demands and every year we're rewarded with so much wisdom and experience to take us into the next year. Although October ends, for most of us, our CSA season, we are constantly working on improving our work, our lives and our customers' satisfaction by appreciating all that we've experienced within a CSA season. I'm just so glad to be doing what I do and constantly educating my customers and myself on providing the most local, sustainable food possible. I can't wait till next season!!

Mary Ann & Marc
Campo di Bella CSA Farm