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Post by John and Dena
Forest Run Farm LLC
2011-11-18 06:13:14

Not Farming?

​​At this time of year the questions start: So now that your not farming, what are you doing?

I usually laugh it off and offer the questioner the opportunity to come and "not farm" with me for a while.

We still have a farm stand that we are harvesting and packing for the last regular pickup today, and next week we have our Harvest Baskets that get packed and picked up. It is always great when the well water coming out of the hose is steaming as we wash the dirt off the leeks.

There is still some (some- ok, lots) field cleanup to finish up before they are covered with snow. And all the field equipment needs to get another cleaning before putting into the shed for the winter, and the greenhouse needs to have some repairs/upgrades made before we start planting in January. And our big hoophouse needs to have it's ends rebuilt. There are some water and electric lines that should get buried, but that may need to wait till spring.

Seed catalogs are coming in the mail, so we need to start and complete our seed inventory and mesh it with our plans for next years crops. Then we can get our seed order list put together and try to get them ordered before there are too many backorders and sold-outs. There is a bit more paperwork that needs to be updated for our farm so the "paper trail" is complete for our organic certification.

With the loss of our flock of hens recently to preditors, we will also need to build a new hen house before we pickup our 100 hens ​sometime in mid Feb to early April. You see, we get them from an Amish Farmer (Elmer) who starts lots of pullets for some large-scale commercial organic growers. But to get get Elmer to commit to a date is somewhat like getting an answer to the question of which came first - the checken or the egg? If I remember correctly, he has 3 buildings he starts them in and raises over 10,000 per batch. Quite an operation!

The chains need to get put on the tractor before we need them- it's always eaiser then:) We better make sure that we can get the snow that piles up next to the hoophouse and greenhouse plowed away without hitting anything that may have been left there as we picked up. Mentioning hoophouse, we have another one to put up and get it ready for sping. The plan shows we transplant in it April 16, 2012. We start direct seeding in the other hoophouse the first week of Jan. 2012.

I'm sure that a few things have been left off, but you can see, "not farming" is really not the term I use for this time of year. Your welcome to contact me, or Your Farmer, and offer to "not farm" with us for a couple weeks.

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