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Trail Ridge Acres

CONTACT: Roger Stewart
PHONE: 608-345-5895

Trial Ridge Acres was established in 1999 with planting of our first fruit trees and asparagus beds. Over the next four years we continued to prepare our property for a gardening business after retirement. Our first CSA year was the summer of 2003 with five members who were friends and former co-workers. Gayl & I have about one-half an acre that is planted to over 50 different varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Produce is picked at its peek of freshness and delivered to our members doorstep once a week mid June through mid October. On most weeks a bouquet of fresh flowers also is provided. Early spring products such as maple syrup, asparagus, etc are delivered as available. Late fall products are delivered until early in November depending on the growing season. We are only recruiting members who live within 10 miles of Dodgeville. We have limited openings for the 2015 growing season. If you are interested please contact us. Our members are welcome at any time to visit. At the end our regular season we have an open invitation for members to come and select a pumpkin, visit, and pick up extra end of season produce.