Farmers Raising Ecologically Sustainable Healthy
Food for Southern Wisconsin

Elderberry Hill Farm

CONTACT: Eric Elderbrock
PHONE: 608-772-4461

Elderberry Hill Farm is a place for people to develop a relationship with the food they eat and connect directly to the fertility and abundance of Southern Wisconsin. We grow a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables using sustainable farming practices. Started in 2011, Elderberry Hill Farm is part of a new generation of farms focused on improving our local food system. Small farms have the ability to serve the community by improving our health and protecting the environment. At the farm, we eat the food we grow and want it to be the highest quality possible, produced without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We market to the Dane County area through our CSA and the MadWest Farmersí Market on Thursdays from 4-7pm, located at the Lussier Community Education Center near Memorial High School. CSA registration for 2012 is now open!

Our goal is to always keep the health of the soil and our customers as the foundation of our farm practices. As eaters, our health is one and the same as the health of our land. Therefore, we strive to avoid pesticides and pledge to use absolutely no synthetic sprays. We also think a lot about cover crops and plan our growing to give the soil time to rest. We currently rent land from John Binkley (Equinox Community Farm. The land is in transition to being certified organic, but we are not looking to certify our farm. Certification is a large financial burden for small farms, but we promise to follow organic practices and seek to go beyond them where we believe they fall short. You are always welcome to inquire for more details about our practices and plan a visit to our farm to see for yourself. Thanks for your interest and commitment to local agriculture!