Farmers Raising Ecologically Sustainable Healthy
Food for Southern Wisconsin

Bard Family Market Garden

CONTACT: Kevan and Katrina Bard
PHONE: 608.213.2307

Bard Family Market Garden is a joint venture by Kevan and Katrina Bard. Kevan has been a vegetable gardener off and on for 20 years and both attended market garden training through the UW-Extension. We reside in Stoughton, WI, and lease an acre of land. Our mission is to provide high quality, great-tasting produce to our local community.

Campo di Bella LLC

CONTACT: Marc & MaryAnn Bellazzini
PHONE: 608.320.9287

Campo di Bella is a small family run winery and diversified organic farm located in south central Wisconsin. We are dedicated to providing local, naturally produced food and Italian, seasonally inspired meals from our own heritage pork, lamb and certified organic vegetables. We will offer our own wine in Summer 2015 with grapes crushed and fermented at our winery. Certified organic vegetables, pasture-raised grass-fed lamb, heritage pork will be offered for sale on site and at the Mount Horeb Farmers Market . You are welcome to register with our business to receive email announcements regarding product availability and events. Sit down with your family for a wonderful locally grown meal and reawaken a more traditional and simple way of life.

Circle M Market Farm

CONTACT: Kriss and Shannon Marion
PHONE: 608-523-4341

Circle M is a valley farm on 20 acres nestled between a river and a creek in the gorgeous Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin. Surrounded by oak hills and quilted cropland, the homestead's stately red barn and quaint outbuildings house a diverse agricultural operation that joins vegetables and animals in a productive, fertile circle of interdependence. Gentle and wise care of livestock and land are the highest priority, and production of healthy and delicious food the primary goal. We practice non-chemical intensive hand farming, limited tractor cultivation and grow on only a small percentage of our acreage. The rest is left for grazing our beef, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep and goats. Circle M is a wonderful CSA option for families who hope to provide their children with a meaningful and fun connection to the land. We deliver every other week to 6 sites in Madison, one each in Dodgeville and New Glarus and offer farm pickup as well. Call to visit the farm any time.

Elderberry Hill Farm

CONTACT: Eric Elderbrock
PHONE: 608-772-4461

Elderberry Hill Farm is a place for people to develop a relationship with the food they eat and connect directly to the fertility and abundance of Southern Wisconsin. We grow a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables using sustainable farming practices. Started in 2011, Elderberry Hill Farm is part of a new generation of farms focused on improving our local food system. Small farms have the ability to serve the community by improving our health and protecting the environment. At the farm, we eat the food we grow and want it to be the highest quality possible, produced without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We market to the Dane County area through our CSA and the MadWest Farmersí Market on Thursdays from 4-7pm, located at the Lussier Community Education Center near Memorial High School. CSA registration for 2012 is now open!

Hilltop Farm

CONTACT: Rob McClure
PHONE: 608-257-6729

Hilltopís 60 acres, including 25 of restored prairie, overlooks the Big Creek valley of northwest Sauk County. Working mostly by hand, we provide a limited number of 20-week shares (mid-May to mid-October), typically using less than a pint of fuel on-farm per yearly share. Subscribers can expect to receive raspberries, currants, apples, pears, quince and hardy kiwi in addition to a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. We support re-localizing and redistributing wealth more equitably and will therefore consider accepting partial payment in trade or local currency. Pickup is Sunday evening on North Baldwin Street, east isthmus. CONTACT: Rob McClure or Erin Schneider PHONE: 608-257-6729 (Madison), 608-985-7621 (Farm) EMAIL: or

Homegrown CSA

CONTACT: Lynn Dahleen Julie Jansen
PHONE: 608-862-3102

The Homegrown Exchange has had its roots in Albany, WI since 2014. Our goal is to produce fresh vegetables while sustaining our cropland, without using artificial pesticides and herbicides. We offer a CSA that runs for three seasons, a total of 26 weeks, May through October, proudly providing more than 30 vegetables and herbs. CSA members get discounts on our bedding plants in the spring, and perennial plants available throughout the growing season. Meet your growers at the Janesville and Monroe Farmerís markets or keep up with the Homegrown Girls on Facebook at Homegrown Exchange.

Johnyboy Farms LLC

CONTACT: Buck Kurt
PHONE: 6086693335

Our farm is located in Lodi WI. Our garden is around two acres that we actually garden on. We grow all kinds of veggies and fruits. We take great pride in providing our community with fresh and healthy produce through the growing season. WE provide shares of produce to 25 to 50 people a year. We also are at the Lodi Farmers Market and the Dane Farmers market.

Trail Ridge Acres

CONTACT: Roger Stewart
PHONE: 608-345-5895

Trial Ridge Acres was established in 1999 with planting of our first fruit trees and asparagus beds. Over the next four years we continued to prepare our property for a gardening business after retirement. Our first CSA year was the summer of 2003 with five members who were friends and former co-workers. Gayl & I have about one-half an acre that is planted to over 50 different varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Produce is picked at its peek of freshness and delivered to our members doorstep once a week mid June through mid October. On most weeks a bouquet of fresh flowers also is provided. Early spring products such as maple syrup, asparagus, etc are delivered as available. Late fall products are delivered until early in November depending on the growing season. We are only recruiting members who live within 10 miles of Dodgeville. We have limited openings for the 2015 growing season. If you are interested please contact us. Our members are welcome at any time to visit. At the end our regular season we have an open invitation for members to come and select a pumpkin, visit, and pick up extra end of season produce.


CONTACT: Jay Salinas
PHONE: 608.415.0910

Neu Erth Wormfarm Wormfarm has been marketing sustainably raised vegetables through CSA since 1995. This 40 acre farm in northern Sauk County grows over 60 different crops on about 4 acres of raised beds. We also rotationally graze cattle on the hillside pasture, have a small laying flock and an increasing number of fruit and nut trees. We make extensive use of cover crops, use long rotations, compost and vermi-compost to build healthy, fertile soil. Weekly deliveries of Full and Half Shares are offered in our 20 week season that begins in mid June and runs through Oct. with drop off sites in Baraboo, Sauk City, Wisconsin Dells and Reedsburg. For the past several years we have marketed under the banner of Wisconsin Home Harvest and linked 3 organic & sustainable farms to increase diversity, reduce risk and ensure excellent value & high quality. Now Wormfarm provides most of the produce and will now resume using our original name- though we will continue to include products, like mushrooms, honey, strawberries, from our neighbors. The CSA is connected to the Wormfarm Institute a nationally recognized non profit with the mission to integrate culture and agriculture. Wormfarm organizes Fermentation Fest & Farm/ Art DTour and runs an Artist Residency program. Working in the garden is a part of the resident artists day.